How can authors maximize profits from their books through the NFTBOOKS platform?

How can authors maximize profits from their books through the NFTBOOKS platform?

NFTBOOKS established a foundation based on humanistic, high-security and reasonable principles, allowing content writers to pursue their passion, publish and distribute their books to everyone. NFTBOOKS explores digital transformation in the publishing industry and how authors earn profits in the 2020s with the appearance of NFTs.

NFTBOOKS, founded by Chau Nguyen, is a platform that allows authors to become personal publishers in the ecosystem and approach readers directly without any third parties. Let’s explore ways that authors can maximize profits when participating in the NFTBOOKS ecosystem.

It makes perfect sense for authors to convert their works into NFTs in order to keep up with the current trend in this era of constantly developing technology, and the explosion of blockchain and NFTs. Their books become more than just reading material; they also develop into a type of digital asset. The use of NFTs in book publication will offer the author several advantages when everything shifts to digital integration, including increased revenue.

Firstly, authors can monetize their expertise. In particular, authors can earn income from their written work, both from the first sale (as an NFT) and royalties on subsequent sales. The author can self-publish and distribute the publishing rights of his book to others without worrying about copyright issues or percentage of commission as they are all stated in the indisputable smart contracts. This is a significant benefit to all parties involved.

Authors would receive long-term earnings in perpetuity based on the smart contract royalty percentage determined when the NFT is minted (e.g., 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, etc.). In addition, authors will get a new revenue stream from the secondary market when their buyers sell books for others.

Secondly, authors can maximize profit from their reputation through NFTBOOKS. By selling limited-edition NFTs of their unique literary work, authors can profit from them. Those limited-edition NFTs could be book covers, additional content, artwork or digital objects as an addition to the storyline.

Furthermore, NFTBOOKS also supports authors to crowdfund; they will receive sponsorship or investment from investors for their NFT works. Later, when the price of those NFTs increases, both the author and the investor make more profits. NFTBOOKS is an ecosystem that gives fair returns to all parties involved.

NFTs are heralding a new age for eBooks and provide authors with fantastic chances. From eBook monetization to author copyright protection to providing readers with additional content, NFTs will continue to transform and benefit the publishing business. Join NFTBOOKS and become a pioneer!



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