How to become an NFTBooker ?

If you are a book lover, you will definitely always try to find more books to fulfill your passion. However, the money spent to pursue that desire is not small, especially for those who do not have financial stability. So, how to read books while saving and making money at the same time. Definitely, this is a concern of many people. Don’t worry, we are here to bring to you a completely novel and never-before-seen reading experience.

NFTBOOKS has revolutionized the way people read books, giving the eBook industry a new lease of life. Not only that, we also developed the reading platform combined with blockchain technology for the release of each book as an NFT. That’s why you can both read books, earn and invest within NFTBOOKS . Let’s dig into the article to become a genuine NFTBooker for a chance to experience our services and features.

Here are 5 ways you can become an NFTBooker:

1. Author

If you are an author, you own the publishing rights of any work, you are a journalist, or anyone with their own work can become an Author in the NFTBOOKS system. Thus, authors will undoubtedly be the most profitable beneficiary of NFTBOOKS ’ initial growth periods. According to NFTBOOKS ’ mechanism, authors will receive 2 types of fees:

A fixed fee means the profit that the authors will receive when selling their works to those who want to own them, called Lessors. This is similar to how an author sells the rights of his physical book to publishers to print and sell in bulk through e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The difference at NFTBOOKS is that the author just has to pay an extremely small fixed cost for the network that NFTBOOKS runs on, instead of paying the commission on every book sold to publishers or platforms. This fee is not charged by NFTBOOKS, because our mission is to help the publishing industry and act as a bridge between authors and publishers.

Flexible Fee is the royalty the authors will receive when a reader buys or borrows their book from lessors. NFTBOOKS, like other NFTs, focuses on the long-term advantages of reading and appreciates the authors’ gray matter while encouraging the development of gray matter in the community. So, in addition to the predetermined fee, the authors will receive an additional commission fee on each purchase/sale of their work. Specifically, when lessors open the function for readers to borrow books or transfer books to other lessors, the author will get a small payment for those transactions.

In fact, competition is a critical component of the economy. There will be no development if there is no competition, which may even result in setbacks. NFTBOOKS aspires to build an ecosystem that allows writers to compete and flourish together without any obstacles. Obviously, besides the competition, all authors also become supporters of each other to write professionally and create excellent works while understanding the demands and thoughts of readers.

2. Lessor

“Anyone can become a Lessor if the economic conditions are good.” — NFTBOOKS Whitepaper. Anyone who owns the NFTBOOKS token can become a Lessor. It is very simple to become a Lessor, just own a book on the NFTBOOKS platform, either by purchasing during the author’s sale or by transferring from another book owner.

In the NFTBOOKS system, each Lessor might be considered as an Investor at level 2. However, instead of only owning the NFTBOOKS token, Lessors put it to good use by purchasing books and getting long-term value from the rental. This is quite similar to staking in other ventures, but the lessor will get instant profits. Lessors can transfer the book to others if they no longer want to rent it.

Lessor’s cash flow in the system is the greatest of all NFTBOOKS objects. As a result, Lessors served as the foundation for the NFTBOOKS project. Without Lessor, NFTBOOKS is no different from a normal NFTs or an eBook platform like Google Play or Kindle. The only variance is that the author can get full profit, but the reader will not be able to read books at the lowest price. This is in direct conflict with the criteria set forth by NFTBOOKS, which are advantageous to both the Author and the Reader.

3. Reader

More than simply an end-user, Reader is the dominant audience for NFTBooks. The number of Readers is proportional to the attractiveness of NFTBooks. We understand that when someone needs to read a book on our platform, the user needs to have the NFTBooks tokens before they can buy or borrow the book. Therefore, as users increase, the demand to buy NFTBooks tokens will increase. In addition, there is another factor, that is not sudden but equally important, like other e-wallets, the user’s wallet will never go to 0, which will contribute to reducing the amount of money in circulation in the implementation of the NFTBooks token. That is, even if the price falls, it will help the price behavior to increase slowly over time in a passive way.

NFTBooks emphasized that the target audiences are not the ones who are crypto-savvy, but all the readers around the world. However, the impediment of crypto technology is making it difficult for older or less tech-savvy people. We aim to make it easy for all book lovers to access the products even without much technical knowledge. So do not hesitate to become an NFTBooks Reader.

4. Translator

Our team built NFTBooks as a bridge between Author-Lessor who provides supply. Reader who uses demand. NFTBooks’ mission is to bring the best support to Authors and Lessors, while at the same time providing the best service and experience for Readers. In particular, Translator will register to translate the author’s works on the NFTBooks system wherever in the world, in any language. The authors in the community will jointly evaluate and improve the quality of the translation before publishing.

Furthermore, thanks to NFTBooks’ features, the Author will be an active person in the contract with the Translator and determine the proportion of commission in his contract when franchising to the Translator. This will help translators guarantee their long-term benefits later and maintain fairness and clarity. We consider this a symbiotic relationship and mutual respect because each Translator gives such significant benefits to the Author. So, if you are a translator with the desire to spread good books to readers or want to invest in an NFT project, let’s become an NFTBooks Translator.

5. Investor

This is the first audience of the project, they existed when NFTBooks had nothing until the project took shape and developed. Their profits are tied closely to NFTBooks. They own NFTBooks tokens that can be used to rent, purchase, or publish books.

Furthermore, investors will receive a 1–2% commission fee on every transaction on the network. They can benefit greatly from keeping the NFTBooks token until the transaction is completed.



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