NFT creates opportunities for the growth of the economy in the digital age.

2 min readAug 31, 2022

NFTs are currently being used extensively in the world of digital content. The advantages of NFTs may contribute to the emergence and expansion of a brand-new creative economy that places a strong emphasis on content creators.

The ownership of the content is only linked to the content thanks to the aid of NFT. Therefore, when authors or content creators make a sale, the proceeds flow directly to them. By implementing smart contracts while creating the NFT, the creator can still receive royalties if the new owner sells the NFT. Because the inventor’s address is included in the NFT metadata, the original creator is eligible to receive royalties on each token sale.

The NFT also supports the overall development of a new economy. NFT opens up new opportunities for inclusive growth for all participants by integrating content producers from various backgrounds into a single ecosystem; NFTBOOKS is one of the prominent platforms for creating and publishing NFT books. First, NFT creators can communicate directly with their customers and receive actual value for their work. Buyers, on the other hand, have the choice of liquidity across several asset classes thanks to NFT.

Most importantly, the possibility of future royalty payments with NFT for creators also suggests favourable effects for future expansion. NFTs have various shared advantages in addition to offering remarkable benefits to the many players in the ecosystem

NFTBOOKS, a reading and publishing NFT books platform, is constantly evolving to optimize the interests of users and contribute to creating a new economy in the era of technology.