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For decades, authors have struggled to find publishers, value for their work and find wide distribution tools. However, the emergence of non-traditional marketplaces with NFT and blockchain for digital work has paved the way for a new publishing route. This advancement will lay out a unique strategy for bringing artists, visionaries, readers, and collectors together in a collaborative experience.

NFTBOOKS is such a project, it has created a competitive environment for authors with no boundaries between them. The project was created to earn a profit and benefit writers, readers, and investors. It allows authors to sell as many books as possible while also providing passive income.

Publishing NFT Books

NFT publishing means no middlemen. Artists from many mediums collaborated to swiftly and efficiently establish deep roots in a wide range of collector bases. NFTBOOKS pulls authors, artists, translators together to perfect a work to help visualize the characters, worlds, scenes and feel of the novel.

NFT Publishing will be the forerunner of a new wave of publishing literary works as first movers. It is the result of the growing trend of more fleeting reactivity in our digital age. Gone is the bureaucratic heft of intermediaries. Now is the age of publishing autonomy, authors will have complete control over the use and distribution of their work.

More opportunities for authors and readers

Through all project offers, authors, readers, and collectors will be able to experience the vastness of the NFTBOOKS universe. It is a chance for content creators to allow inclusivity to outweigh more exclusive elements. NFT books will be published directly through the NFTBOOKS platform (a blockchain marketplace), eliminating the need for an intermediary between authors and readers. This means that the book can be offered for a reasonable price, with the majority of the earnings going to the authors. NFTBOOKS addresses these issues in order to give both authors and readers a better experience.

Upon discussing the platform’s uniqueness, the CEO of NFTBOOKS, Chau Nguyen, says that the platform will be the bridge between authors and readers, including the other aspects of the ecosystem such as translators, book rentals, etc.

Smart Contracts

All authors will earn revenue for their work that far outpaces analog opportunities thanks to smart contracts. The NFTBOOKS project will result in a partnership that transcends geographies and styles, bringing authors and translators together to translate books into different languages. Of course, translators will also receive a percentage of the commission for their efforts. All are clearly written in the smart contract and agreed upon between the two parties

Novel Rights Transfer

Internet, blockchain and NFT are an amalgamated harbinger of a technology society. There are three elements that yield to an interplay for the emergence of digital assets and their ownership.

Democratize: Across all disciplines, the digital revolution resulted in a democratization of knowledge and technology.

Decentralize: In terms of NFTs, transactions on a decentralized market are an attempt to democratize the art world. This means that instead of going to a publisher and dealing with potentially opaque chains of command and trade, you can acquire a work directly from the authors or lessors securely.

Destabilize: NFTBOOKS is an endeavor to establish a new way to publish NFT books as a standard for all future writers. Literary works will be able to come to life at a speed and scale never seen before.


From eBook monetization to author copyright protection to providing more material to readers, NFTs will continue to transform and benefit the publishing sector. Let NFTBOOKS show you the potential of NFT in the future.



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