NFTBOOKS — A New Market for Self-Published Authors and Indie Presses

2 min readAug 26, 2022

Digital art, music, gaming, and marketing have all been revolutionized by NFTs. They are reaching for publishing. NFTBOOKS is considered an ideal platform for authors to self-publish and distribute their books to readers, tokenize their works, and turn them into valuable digital assets.

In fact, in many places with many different economies, the price to read a book is quite high. So by creating something like an NFT campaign for a book in today’s prevailing market that will help authors sell more books, readers can also continue to sell their books. Access books easily at an affordable price. That is the purpose NFTBOOKS has built and developed so far.

We seek to improve methods to measure readers’ reading processes in order to assist authors become more specialized. This will help professional authors and emerging authors better understand their readers, which will enhance the reading experience. We need baseline measures to be able to monitor and elevate the baseline of the entire community because time is limited, whereas creativity and thinking are unbounded.

Here are some indicators we are going to use to build an effective assessment tool:

• Full content reader index: This index indicates the number of people who have completed reading the entire book. The higher the index, the more successful the work is. But sometimes it can go wrong in some cases

• Percentage of content completed index: This index shows where the majority of readers will give up; this helps book owners and other writers to research and find logical errors about the content to Improve their writing skills

• Demo and bought index: In addition to reputation, writing citations is also very important for new authors to attract buyers as well as readers to choose their books. We are also planning to develop a feature that hits this point so that potential writers can reach users sooner based on user reviews. This is perhaps a turning point in the digital market.

If you’re ever curious about reader behavior and need something similar, please experience our testnet version and contribute to us via All your shares will be recorded and stored where we run them.