NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program: Spread the Joy of Reading

7 min readJul 16, 2023

If you possess a deep appreciation for books or simply have a fervent love for NFTBOOKS and desire to share the joy of reading with others, the latest NFTBOOKS Affiliate program presents an ideal opportunity for you.

By participating in this program, you have the chance to earn enticing rewards and income through straightforward commissions, all while sharing your own reading experiences and promoting book purchases on NFTBOOKS with your acquaintances.

So, what sets the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program apart? Allow us to elaborate.

In this article, we will use the term “referrer” to describe the person making the referral.

The person is referred to will be called the “referee”.

The author is referred to will be known as the “referred author”.


Before delving into the Affiliate program, let us explore the benefits of NFTBOOKS and why it warrants introducing to your friends.

The remarkable progress in science and technology has facilitated the emergence of digital publishing. Thanks to these advancements, published works have become more easily accessible to readers. Through websites and applications on smart devices, readers have come closer to the world…