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4 min readAug 20, 2023

Blockchain and NFTBooks: A New Step in Publishing

NFTBOOKS, a name that has quickly become familiar in the global technology community and among book lovers, is not only a pioneering product from Australia but also a breakthrough in the field of book publishing, built since 2021. Utilizing blockchain technology, NFTBOOKS has not only created a unique publishing platform but has also opened the door for passionate authors all around the globe to express their talents in various languages.

Book copyrights are protected absolutely, with each book being an NFT, and every transaction is meticulously controlled through entirely automated smart contracts. This has elevated the efficiency of book publishing to a new level, while simultaneously creating a unique opportunity for readers to experience their favorite books at an incredibly reasonable cost — either buying directly from the author or renting for less than one cent. But it doesn’t stop there. This is also a playground where both professional and amateur translators can search for and sign book translation contracts in different languages with just a few clicks.

NFTBOOKS Community Free Library: Spreading Knowledge to Everyone