NFTBOOKS Partners with Blockchain Australia — Australia’s Peak Industry Network

4 min readMay 3, 2023

We are at NFTBOOKS, thrilled to announce our partnership with Blockchain Australia, a leading industry network for businesses that implement or evaluate blockchain or distribute ledger technology. This is one of our big steps to mark NFTBOOKS ’s name on the blockchain industry map of the world.

Blockchain Australia x NFTBOOKS — Blockchain Evolutionary The Book Industry

NFTBOOKS’ partnership with Blockchain Australia supports the use of blockchain technology by industries and governments across Australia. This helps to improve the way services are delivered in all sectors. We’re thrilled to be part of the Blockchain Australia ecosystem and to promote the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry players, governments, and regulatory stakeholders in Australia.

As the world’s first blockchain book marketplace, partnering with Blockchain Australia is a significant step towards becoming the world’s largest blockchain book marketplace. We’re dedicated to providing the best products for reading, buying, selling, and publishing books to our users worldwide.

For any blockchain initiative to be successful, it needs a solid worldwide community. The book industry is a potential market for NFT publishing blockchain. NFTs are the future of the art and book publishing industries, and there is a lot of potential as interest in NFTs grows every day. This gives every NFT book lover an opportunity to own…