NFTBOOKS partners with BookHunter, the well-known book hunting community

2 min readMar 14, 2023

We at NFTBOOKS are proud to partner with BookHunter to pave the way for the virtual universe of books. We are aligned with BookHunter in our goal to spread the spirit of learning and couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.

BookHunter is a well-known reading community in Vietnam. With 10 years of adventure and experience on “the word journey”, BookHunter intensely tested various structures to find out the best structure for their community. Currently, BookHunter’s ecosystem includes Book Hunter social media platform — Author & translator community, and Book Hunter Lyceum — an ecommerce site providing selective books, courses and events for knowledge hunters.

BookHunter x NFTBOOKS — Expand the world of books

With the syntonization of both companies’ directions, this partnership will turn out to endure the most desirable one. What NFTBOOKS — an NFT book marketplace — and BOOKHUNTER will realistically achieve are as follows:

The step towards becoming a largest virtual library

BookHunter will provide NFTBOOKS with their multidimensional perspective library of knowledge around politics, governance, philosophy, economics, spirituality, etc. Combined with NFTBOOKS’ book resources, this cooperation will help us gradually become the largest virtual book library in the world.

Abolish the barrier between authors and readers

Becoming a partner with NFTBOOKS, BookHunter’s standard authors will be able to use our platform to publish their books and earn a passive income by selling/renting their brainchild. NFTBOOKS will provide a fair NFT book marketplace for them to develop their talents, help them better understand the problem of selling their books and thereby improve their writing skills.

Besides, BookHunter’s readers will have a chance to buy/borrow books at the most affordable price ever (estimated $0.001 to $0.00001 to borrow) on the NFTBOOKS — NFT book marketplace. Readers and authors will be able to get closer together through NFTBOOKS.

Thus, this is a win-win partnership that helps us to deeply thrive in the book market.

About BookHunter

“Bringing knowledge into every aspect of life” — BookHunter’s visionary.

BookHunter is an academic & creative community established in 2011, with a long history of activities in academic learning, book publishing and content creation with a deep knowledge base & applying it in practice.

Website: &



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