NFTs creating a recovery for the crypto market

In the first quarter of 2022, the crypto market continued to fall due to market instability and unclear laws. However, several encouraging indications have emerged since the beginning of April 2022, indicating that crypto has the capacity to rebound swiftly, and some evidence suggests that the NFT is the source of this resilience.

Despite a significant gap in the worldwide NFT market, this resilience still appears . Up to 90% of all NFTs created on a chain are Ethereum and priced in ETH tokens. This is not optimal for the wider market, though, because Ethereum’s gas fees are high, limiting the return from NFT transactions. NFT transactions are likewise limited to a single chain as a result of this issue.

According to DappRadar’s recent analysis, NFT transactions totaled $5.3 billion in January 2022. At the same time, despite a 50% reduction in ETH coin values during the same period, the top 100 NFT collectibles are valued at $14.8 billion, down just 15% from November of the previous year. The value of NFT transactions increased to $10.6 billion in February.

One of the important factors that makes NFTs more interesting is because of its connection to the metaverse. Notably, there is a global boom in metaverses, even if they haven’t yet reached their full potential. NFT, together with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has enormous potential and value, and will become a fundamental element of the metaverse space.

The price that investors consider for their NFTs has been related to the increase in the NFT market in recent years. The value of NFT is also compounded by the fact that traditional businesses are gradually moving to crypto, especially in the fields of music, art, book publishing and luxury goods. Its liquidity and convenience of trading are two foundations of NFTs’ worth.

Allowing NFTs to be traded cross-chain helps to increase their liquidity and value exponentially. Cross-chain markets also helped enhance the overall crypto market recovery. As a result, the multi-chain application for NFT can be stated to play a critical role in growing and developing the NFT market share since it aids in increasing interoperability between the parties. At the same time, markets run more reliably by reducing the danger of centralized transactions on the same chain.

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