Singapore FinTech 2022: A Global Cooperation Bridge for Australian Fintech Businesses.

Singapore FinTech 2022: A Global Cooperation Bridge for Australian Fintech Businesses.

Participating in the FinTech Singapore 2022 Festival (November 2–4, 2022), dozens of leading Australian FinTech enterprises, under the leadership of the Australian Investment and Trade Commission Austrade and InvestmentNSW, had the opportunity to be introduced with their achievements as well as connections to a worldwide network of FinTech companies.

Singapore FinTech 2022: Accept volatility to recover and change.

First held in 2016, the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is the world’s largest fintech festival and a knowledge platform for the global fintech community to promote open dialogue between the public and private sectors in the digital economy.

After six years of existence, this year’s festival has the participation of more than 850 professional speakers, more than 450 booths, and a large number of participants from more than 110 countries and 2,000 organisations worldwide.

Singapore FinTech Festival is a place where the FinTech community can expand cooperation with many partners around the world.

SFF 2022 is organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Central Bank of Singapore, and Elevandi, in partnership with Constellar and the Association of Banks of Singapore (ABS). With careful selection year after year, the theme of SFF 2022 — “Building resilient business models in the context of volatility and change” has hit the “pains” directly; faced by businesses, as well as ways to overcome the rise of inflation and the risks of slow growth.

Singapore FinTech 2022: A “Momentum Step” to Accelerate the Business Development of Enterprises.

Singapore FinTech 2022 has witnessed the presence of a series of “big players” in the FinTech industry. Some prominent names can be mentioned, such as: Global Fintech Award: Payment Technology Company that Connects Consumers, Issuers, Merchants, Governments, and Businesses — Mastercard. The first transaction bank to introduce a programmatic bank-level payment solution based on APIs, Standard Chartered Bank, won the Singapore Financial Institution Award.

And can’t forget the name Tencent — “Father” of WeChat Pay. It can be said that this is an e-wallet on which almost all users in the most populous country in the world are “dependent”. WeChat Pay integrates many applications and services into one, from shopping, ordering food to calling a car; as well as consolidating all payment instruments such as cash, credit cards, and debit cards. So users always feel it is convenient and do not need other external payment tools.

SFF 2022 catches the economic flow with the trendy theme “Construction resilient business models amid volatility and change.”

It is the presence of these seasoned “big guys” that has helped new products and services launched at SFF 2022 get ideas to accelerate business development. There are many “unicorns” who have risen strongly from these “helps” when participating in previous SFFs, such as:

- Afterpay: The name that once made its mark at SFF 2021 as a “buy first, pay later” service, allowing users to borrow credit for shopping, then pay in installments.

- Airwallex is also a “reputable” platform and has had an “update” that is highly appreciated and has received attention from the FinTech community: the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) function in cooperation with Atome, Asia’s leading BNPL brand. This allows merchants on Airwallex to offer BNPL as a payment option when shopping in countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

At SFF 2022, dozens of Australian FinTech companies confidently presented their achievements.

Returning after 3 years, under the leadership of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission

(Austrade) and Investment NSW, “Australia is proud to present the best and brightest Australian FinTechs” — said Mr. Stephen Skulley, Austrade Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner in Singapore.

Under this sponsor, Australia, a country with a formidable fintech development rate and more than 800 fintechs, ranked 6th in the global fintech rankings, has joined SFF 2022 with an extremely diverse lineup. These are Ezyremit, the Vietnamese fintech company about remit in Australia; Stropro, a global alternative investment provider; NFTBOOKS, the publishing platform for books on blockchain, …

Team Australia brings to SFF 2022 the best and brightest in fintech.

The world’s first blockchain book publishing platform will become a prominent FinTech representative at SFF 2022.

Being a potential FinTech representative selected by AUSTRADE and having a live product presentation on blockchain education at the Australian Pavilion, NFTBOOKS proved to be the name that perfectly fits the topic and the spirit of this year’s SFF.

As the world’s first blockchain-based book publishing platform, founded in Australia, NFTBooks is a platform that allows authors to freely publish books on the blockchain platform, with direct access to readers. At the same time, it helps to reduce the price of books so that readers can access copyrighted books at the lowest cost. “Reading culture” is also enhanced by the founding team of NFTBooks, which has the mission and goal of spreading knowledge, especially in poor and developing countries, at the lowest possible cost.

NFTBOOKS becomes a potential FinTech representative, receiving outstanding attention at SFF 2022.

Mr.Chau Nguyen, Co-Founder of NFTBooks, said: “Contrary to the countless e-books that can be found every time a purchase is made on Amazon or Google Books, NFT editions are limited, subscription-based, and encrypted through blockchain technology. This allows readers to know exactly how many copies they own.”

It is with this realistic but equally humanistic vision that NFTBooks was honoured to be invited by the Australian embassy in Singapore to meet and have dinner with government organizations, large investment organizations, as well as representatives from other blockchain technology companies. The trust and appreciation for the reputation and development ability of this “pure Vietnamese” blockchain platform are further confirmed by their presence at the networking event organised by InvestmentNSW.

The NFTBOOKS team attended a meeting organized by Investment NSW prior to the start of SFF2022.

Within the framework of SFF 2022, the event focuses on blockchain technology, AI, digital payments, cryptocurrency investment, etc. It is also an opportunity for FinTech representatives to discuss fintech topics and future market reviews, as well as share ideas from different markets to learn and grow.

It can be said that NFTBOOKS has made great strides at SFF 2022, receiving more attention from industry leaders and partners. That is clearly shown in the “profits” that this platform has earned, such as:

Chau Nguyen, Co-Founder is introducing NFTBOOKS at the Australia Pavilion.
NFTBOOKS team and Polygon Team at SFF2022.
Executive Advisor, CFO, Mr Alan Nguyen in meeting with Ripple team.

In addition to participating in SFF 2022 with the goal of visiting, learning, and introducing NFTBooks to users around the world, Co-Founder/CEO Chau Nguyen also gave an important speech to introduce the project and the scope of the project. vision, goals, and milestones achieved, as well as future development plans. From there, there are more possible ways to maintain business viability and recover in the current crisis, which is the theme of SFF 2022.



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