The future of independent book publishing is here: NFTBOOKS.

The future of independent book publishing is here : NFTBOOKS.

NFTBOOKS is a remarkable web 3.0 project that will revolutionise book publishing. Built on the blockchain network, this NFT project will allow authors to create, publish, and distribute books to readers directly and will also build a community for all book lovers.

With the release of the testnet version, NFTBOOKS will be available to users soon. With a full range of tools and features to help authors publish books independently without the need for intermediaries, NFTBOOKS will help authors be independent regarding rights, earning revenue commensurate with their effort. That way, NFTBOOKS also helps readers buy books easily and at a cheaper cost. No need for cash or credit cards; they just need a smart device to be able to own their favourite book in token form. Of course, these tokens can increase in value over time. When they reach the desired value, they can be resold and make a profit.

How NFTBOOKS Evolve In Web3.0 Era?

All eBooks will be converted to token-based NFT books by NFTBOOKS. Readers can engage with authors or other users on the site using tokens to buy or sell books. NFTBOOKS’ novelty lies in the fact that it is a book lover’s community that also serves as a revenue-generating platform.

Unlike traditional reading platforms, NFTBOOKS seamlessly combines the ecosystem of social interaction with blockchain technology. This ensures the smooth functioning of the process from publication until the book reaches the reader, as well as maintains the security of assets and the decentralized form of governance.

We have a well-defined plan, and we’re on schedule to show you the mainnet of this innovative piece of technology. In addition to supporting readers, authors, and other characters, NFTBOOKS gives an opportunity to create independent publishing for the following generations.



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