The value of books in our life

“When you open a book, you open a new world”

Books play a significant role in our lives. Reading brings relaxation and peace of mind; it is a great source of enjoyment, inspiration, and reinforces us with great knowledge, and helps us to become better, succeed. A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. NFTBOOKS will accompany you on the way to conquer knowledge and discover the core values of reading.

Specifically, the role of the book is expressed in the following aspects:

  1. Widen knowledge

Books store information, material and spiritual values of mankind. Thus, the book contains all the human values of the past as well as those of the present, for future generations to follow and develop.

Books contain a lot of knowledge about all fields such as economy, politics, culture, history, science, life skills… It is considered as a treasure of knowledge that helps us gain knowledge, train our thinking, and accumulate a rich vocabulary.

2. Understand yourself

Books assist us in understanding ourselves. When reading a good book, we are fostered about the soul and emotions. We know the imperfect part of ourselves to strive for. Through reading we learn more about society and how to adapt to it. Not only that, we can also unleash our imagination of all the worlds described in books, as well as people’s perspectives and thoughts that help us extend awareness of what is possible.

3. Reduce stress

Studies show that reading reduces stress. Just reading for a few minutes, our heart rate will slow down and relieve stress on the muscles. Take some time after a stressful working day, sip a cup of tea and enjoy a book, you will feel the peace of mind. All worries and sorrows will disappear; you will be immersed in the world of this book and knowledge.

4. Communicate with the outside

Books are the means by which we can communicate with authors and other readers. When writing the book, the author put his experiences, thoughts, feelings, … on each page. A book, no matter how thin or thick, contains the author’s heart. No need to go far; we can talk and understand with others through those pages. Reading good books enriches us with good qualities and thus become good and responsible citizens of society.

Today, in the era of technology 4.0, people not only have access to traditional books but also have the opportunity to approach NFT books — a type of book like an eBook but published as NFT on the blockchain platform. NFT Book will make it easier for everyone to read books, regardless of space and time, thereby improving understanding and mindset. Besides, NFTBOOKS also builds a community for book lovers including authors, readers, where you can exchange thoughts, reviews about books and more.

As long as people still have the need to perceive the world and enjoy the beauty of wisdom, books will still be an effective and invaluable tool in this civilization process, and NFTBOOKS will continue to develop to assist readers on that path.



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