2 min readDec 27, 2021


Special announcement about NTBOOKS

Today we announced the new website version of the NFTBOOKS project.

Along with that, important information of the project has been updated, including the main contents of the project under construction and to be built; information about the development team, the project’s partners; the project’s near future direction and other important information.
You can take a moment to look at our new website:

As you know, the experiment with publishing books for authors has been successful, with the list of authors receiving gifts for their contribution to the project announced a few days ago.

Closely following the goal set forth by NFTBOOKS from the very beginning, the NFTBOOKS project builds a foundation with humanistic values, helping people access human knowledge through reading. NFTBOOKS will be a direct bridge between authors and readers connected closer than ever.

We have been together since day one, from all over the world, regardless of color, religion, culture or age; we work towards a single goal that NFTBOOKS will achieve.

Currently, the team is trying to accelerate the work even faster to complete phase 1 earlier than expected. With that, we will expand beta publishing for everyone to experience.

We also worked with Certik and they also wanted us to speed things up even more so they could help us with the phase 1 audit of the platform before Mainnet.

Marketing plans with large budgets have also been accepted and approved by us, as of today all will be carried out. NFTBOOKS will no longer be just a simple cryptocurrency project, you will see our NFTBOOKS come out into the world as a globally operating company.

Besides the human values ​​that NFTBOOKS aims at, we always try to maximize profits for investors. As we said before, we will go out into the world with 1 real value, the exchange we will work on and list as planned when we are big enough is Kucoin exchange, and the final destination we must achieve is Binance.

NFTBOOKS has taken slow but strong steps until now thanks to your great support. Our journey will be full of challenges, but NFTBOOKS will never stop growing so as not to disappoint you.

Thank you very much.