Unlocking the Power of Learning and Earning: The Reward System on NFTBOOKS Platform

3 min readMay 20, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of digital publishing, NFTBOOKS stands out as a trailblazer, not only revolutionizing the way we consume literature but also pioneering innovative avenues for readers to learn and earn simultaneously. At the heart of this groundbreaking approach lies the unique Reward System — a mechanism designed to empower users with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards while engaging in their passion for reading. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this transformative feature and explore how NFTBOOKS is reshaping the paradigm of literary engagement.

The Concept of Daily Reward Sharing

NFTBOOKS introduces a paradigm shift in the traditional reading experience by integrating a Daily Reward Pool filled with the native cryptocurrency token “NFTBS.” This innovative system incentivizes user engagement and activity on the platform, allowing individuals to earn rewards for various actions that contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of NFTBOOKS

Earning Rewards: A Bifurcation

Users can accumulate reward points by participating in a range of activities, each contributing to their overall engagement and interaction with the platform. Here’s a breakdown of the activities and their corresponding reward points:

Buying a Book from Authors: 6 points

Reading an Entire Book: 1 point

Reviewing a Book After Reading: 1 point

Buying a Book in the Secondary Market: 1 point

Borrowing a Book: 1 point

Listing a Book for Sale: 1 point

Listing a Book for Rent: 1 point

These reward points serve as a measure of user activity and engagement, reflecting the depth and breadth of their participation within the NFTBOOKS community.

Distribution of Rewards: Fairness and Transparency

At the end of each day, the total number of reward points accumulated by users is aggregated and divided by the total size of the Reward Pool, which comprises NFTBS tokens. This calculation ensures that rewards are distributed proportionally to each user based on their level of engagement and contribution to the platform.

Upon earning reward points, users have the opportunity to claim their rewards in NFTBS tokens, reflecting the value they have generated through their active participation on NFTBOOKS. This seamless process of reward distribution underscores the platform’s commitment to fairness, transparency, and user-centricity.

Tokenomics: Fueling the Reward Pool

The size of the Reward Pool is dynamically determined by the volume of transactions and turnover of the NFTBS token on the platform. A percentage of tokens from the sale and purchase of NFTBS tokens by investors and users on the NFTBOOKS platform is allocated to the Reward Pool on a daily basis. This sustainable tokenomics model ensures the continuous replenishment and growth of the Reward Pool, thereby perpetuating the cycle of user engagement and reward distribution.

Unprecedented Opportunities: Learning and Earning Together

The Reward System on NFTBOOKS represents a paradigm shift in the way readers engage with literary content. By intertwining the act of reading with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards, NFTBOOKS empowers users to transform their passion for literature into a tangible source of income. This novel approach not only incentivizes active participation but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among users, united by their shared pursuit of knowledge and financial empowerment.

Differentiating Factors and Unique Features

NFTBOOKS distinguishes itself from traditional publishing platforms through its innovative approach to user engagement and reward distribution. Unlike conventional reading platforms, NFTBOOKS offers users the opportunity to monetize their reading activities, creating a symbiotic relationship between learning and earning. Moreover, the platform’s seamless integration of blockchain technology ensures the security, transparency, and efficiency of all transactions, instilling trust and confidence among users.

In a world where opportunities for passive income are abound, NFTBOOKS stands as a beacon of possibility, where the act of reading transcends its traditional confines and emerges as a gateway to financial empowerment. Join us on NFTBOOKS and embark on a journey where learning and earning converge, unlocking a world of possibilities with every turn of the page.

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