What benefits do readers get when buying/renting books on the NFTBOOKS platform?

What benefits do readers get when buying/renting books on the NFTBOOKS platform?

Books are an endless source of knowledge, thanks to books, people can cultivate and develop themselves, so having access to high-quality books at an affordable cost is the desire of many people, especially those with low economic conditions. Understanding that desire and hoping to contribute to the process of nurturing and developing a reading culture, NFTBOOKS was born as an e-library for users all over the world.

NFTBOOKS is different from regular eBook libraries because each book is published and released as an NFT, bringing a lot of benefits to the author, readers and other users. NFTBOOKS stands out as a brilliant idea to foster the love of reading, not focusing on revenues and ownership. NFTBOOKS with the right development efforts can show us the crypto-future of reading.

Here are the great benefits for readers when participating in the NFT ecosystem

High-quality books

Online piracy has become a significant problem for publishers and authors, especially in undeveloped and developed nations. However, when buying and reading books on the NFTBOOKS platform, readers will have access to books that are 100% guaranteed regarding quality and copyright. NFT books are unique and scarce since they are numbered, and part of a limited series. Therefore, it is straightforward to check NFTs on the blockchain for quick authentication.

Direct purchase with reasonable price

Since there are no middlemen involved when readers buy books directly from the authors, prices will be reasonable across all geographies. The competition will also result in lower borrowing and selling costs for books. Having said that, what if there was a way to reduce the expense by doing away with middlemen and. That is what NFTBooks will do going forward for readers.

High profit from renting book

Book renters who share works with readers on a rental basis can purchase ownership rights from authors. Users who buy books from writers or other lessors and wish to lease the rights to those books are known as lessors. The success of authors depends on these users; by getting more people interested in their books, authors can increase sales and expose their work to more people, and lessors also get more profit. It’s a win-win relationship.

Fairness and Growth in Value

NFT books are an asset. They are a long-term investment that can increase in value over time, and NFT holders can sell them for a profit at a later period.

Maintaining the connection with Authors

The sense of being connected to the author can be enhanced by owning an NFT book. There is an optimistic psychological factor of “holding” something unique that not everyone has access to.

Not being limited by geography, especially relevant for emerging markets

Readers can easily search and buy books anywhere. They are not limited by space, time, only by smart devices, and direct payment, readers already have the book they want.



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