Why you should publish your books on the NFTBOOKS platform?

Why publish your book on the NFTBOOKS platform?

The book publishing sector is being revolutionized by NFT which also changes the way authors get profit, creates new projects, and helps authors take ownership of their work. NFTBOOKS is the platform that offers all the databases and conditions to make it easier for authors to tokenize their works.

Let’s dig into this article to figure out the reason why you should publish your books on the NFTBOOKS platform.

You take 100% ownership and control of your books

With NFTBOOKS, you can utilize NFT to create and publish your books or connect with readers directly without having to go via a publisher. It allows authors to sell as many books as possible while also providing passive income. Furthermore, you will not have to pay for any third party fees.

NFTBOOKS enables you to take control of their copyrights and ownership of their art and projects. An NFT is a tool that has the potential to transform your career as an author. NFTBOOKS provides you complete authority over all of your books, you can keep, sell, rent or give away.

You can get high profit from NFTBOOKS

With NFTBOOKS, you can proceed to books directly to readers once the NFT books have been published without having to pay any platform or selling fees, such as those charged by Amazon (between 30–65%).

In addition to direct revenues, authors can make indirect profit when your buyers resale your books on the secondary market. NFTBOOKS have a sizable resale market, and authors can invest a percentage royalty in the sale of any of their works.

You embrace the trend

In this era of ever-evolving technology along with the explosion of blockchain and NFTs, it is completely logical for you to convert their books into NFTs and keep up with the trend. Your books publishied on NFTBOOKS are not merely contents to read but also become a kind of digital asset.

You have more opportunities to engage your readers

NFT books on NFTBOOKS platform are built on a direct connection between the author and readers. You can invite your readers to join your community, giving them the opportunity to contribute to the creating process like becoming a translator, designer, etc.

Using blockchain technology, NFTBOOKS allows authors to publish and distribute their books all around the world. NFTBOOKS is now among the first businesses to develop a book-based NFT platform, help authors advance their careers, make it easier for users to access books, and provide a positive investment ecosystem for investors.



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